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Tailored Bespoke Order

Tailored Bespoke Order

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We offer a special tailoring service where you can order any of our beautiful items, customised to your own specifications. In order to take advantage of this exclusive service, just select this item and add to your cart. We will then contact you to get your exact requirements before making the item precisely as you wish, exclusively for you ♥

If you wish to tailor more than one item, please add this option to your cart for each item you wish to tailor.

Please note that while these items are non refundable, should you encounter any issues with sizing or fit, we will of course adjust at no extra cost to you.

For example:

  • You may want the dress shorter - no problem, just let us know you want it 2 inches shorter
  • You may want the dress below your knees - easy, just let us know you would like an extra 4 inches on the length
  • You might like to add an extra 3 inches across the chest - absolutely fine

Just add this item and we will contact you to confirm the details.

These items of course take slightly longer to make as they are hand finished for you, so allow at least 7 - 10 days to receive these items please (may be quicker as it depends on the amount of bespoke orders we are handling).